Israel's blokkade van de wederopbouw van Gaza moet worden doorbroken (Jimmy Carter in Guardian)

Terwijl het vredesproces nog steeds niet is opgestart, vereist het lijden van de bevolking van Gaza dat de wederopbouw snel wordt aangevangen, vindt Jimmy Carter. En wie kan het daar niet mee eens zijn, buiten de zionistische (pro-Groot)’Israel lobby’..?

..In summary: UN resolutions, Geneva conventions, previous agreements between Israelis and Palestinians, the Arab peace initiative, and official policies of the US and other nations are all being ignored. In the meantime, the demolition of Arab houses, expansion of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and Palestinian recalcitrance threaten any real prospect for peace.

Of more immediate concern, those under siege in Gaza face another winter of intense personal suffering. I visited Gaza after the devastating January war and observed homeless people huddling in makeshift tents, under plastic sheets, or in caves dug into the debris of their former homes. Despite offers by Palestinian leaders and international agencies to guarantee no use of imported materials for even defensive military purposes, cement, lumber, and panes of glass are not being permitted to pass entry points into Gaza. The US and other nations have accepted this abhorrent situation without forceful corrective action.

I have discussed ways to assist the citizens of Gaza with a number of Arab and European leaders and their common response is that the Israeli blockade makes any assistance impossible. Donors point out that they have provided enormous aid funds to build schools, hospitals and factories, only to see them destroyed in a few hours by precision bombs and missiles. Without international guarantees, why risk similar losses in the future?

It is time to face the fact that, for the past 30 years, no one nation has been able or willing to break the impasse and induce the disputing parties to comply with international law. We cannot wait any longer. Israel has long argued that it cannot negotiate with terrorists, yet has had an entire year without terrorism and still could not negotiate. President Obama has promised active involvement of the US government, but no formal peace talks have begun and no comprehensive framework for peace has been proposed. Individually and collectively, the world powers must act…

Without ascribing blame to any of the disputing parties, the Quartet also should begin rebuilding Gaza by organising relief efforts under the supervision of an active special envoy, overseeing a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and mediating an opening of the crossings. The cries of homeless and freezing people demand immediate relief.

This is a time for bold action, and the season for forgiveness, reconciliation.

Gaza Must Be Rebuilt Now – We can wait no longer to restart the peace process. The human suffering demands urgent relief (Jimmy Carter in Guardian en ICH)

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2 thoughts on “Israel's blokkade van de wederopbouw van Gaza moet worden doorbroken (Jimmy Carter in Guardian)

  1. Voor mij een gezaghebbende uitspraak.
    Carter is de laatste president van Amerika die (geloof ik) geen (echte) vijanden had in Amerika zelf.
    Maar niet herkozen omdat Ronald Reagan als tweede rangs-acteur toch beter kon acteren..

  2. Ik zag vorige week nog een korte reportage over de tunnels. Rijen tenten waaronder tunnels gegraven zijn onder de grens door.
    Commentaar wat werd gegeven:
    – vanwege de blokkades is er geen leven zonder tunnels.
    – Israël laat de tunnels toe. Zouden ze er wat aan doen, dan krijgen ze de publieke opinie, omdat vanwege de blokkades van de grenzen mensen niet kunnen overleven.
    Waar is men dan in ‘vredesnaam’ mee bezig..

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