'Is Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to a 'second Holocaust'?' (Haaretz.com)

De titel van dit artikel dekt niet de lading, want die steunt in feite Netanyahu’s beleid gericht op het voorkomen van een ‘tweede Holocaust’ – zo nodig door een zelfstandige Israelische aanval op Iraanse nucleaire installaties.
[Ik denk dat zulk een roekeloze aanval wel zou leiden tot ernstige gevolgen voor de veiligheid van Israel, al zou Iran niet in staat zijn tot een directe vernietigende tegenaanval].

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions are shaped by a profound conviction that Israel will be in danger of extermination if Iran has nuclear weapons at its disposal. Removing the Iranian threat to Israel has been Netanyahu’s main goal for years, and the Iranians’ progress in this realm has only reinforced his awareness that the fateful hour of decision is fast approaching.

Ariel Sharon called Iran a global rather than an Israeli problem. Ehud Olmert used to say no issue preoccupied him more than the nuclear threat posed by Iran. But Netanyahu’s predecessors didn’t describe this danger with the same gravity as he does. "We will not allow the Holocaust-deniers to perpetrate another Holocaust against the Jewish people," the prime minister warned at the state ceremony on Holocaust and Martyrs’ Remembrance Day last week. Senior political figures say Netanyahu has spoken to them about the danger of another Holocaust in private conversations as well. They are convinced that he truly believes it is his historic mission to rescue the Jewish people from a catastrophe.

As far as Netanyahu is concerned, a decisive turning point in world history will occur when Iran completes its nuclear bomb. This will mean that significant control over the world’s energy resources will be in the hands of a fanatical sect of ayatollahs, and will turn the Arab countries, against their will, into Tehran’s satellites. Netanyahu views Israel’s strategic problems as part and parcel of the ongoing struggle with Iran, a country that has built "launching bases" on the other side of the borders, in Lebanon and in Gaza, by supplying rockets to both Hezbollah and Hamas. The prime minister believes that once Iran goes nuclear, thereby turning Syria into its protege, any withdrawal from the Golan Heights will turn that territory into an Iranian front.

In his speeches in recent years, Netanyahu has compared Iran to Nazi Germany and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Adolf Hitler, and has spoken of the international community’s silence in the face of both threats – in 1938 and at present.

"The second Holocaust" of which Netanyahu warns will not feature ghettos, trains or gas chambers, but will be characterized by an attempt to eradicate the State of Israel. In his opinion, the Jewish people’s continued existence depends on the State of Israel’s continued existence. Today, a great proportion of the world’s Jews live in Israel, the only place where they can truly enjoy the revitalization of Jewish life, while their coreligionists are gradually being lost to assimilation elsewhere. Netanyahu sees Iran as the latest enemy that has surfaced and threatens the survival of the Jewish collective, an enemy that must be repelled, with the help of others or on our own.

A country’s leaders are obligated by commitments they make in public, which often compel them to keep their promises…

When leaders reach the moment of truth, they are bound by their character, by ideology and beliefs that prompted them to run for office, by their countries’ military and economic capabilities, and – above all – by their commitment to their previous decisions. Any deviations will probably be more closely linked to the type of regime and its decision-making mechanisms than to content.

Netanyahu’s policy also has to be assessed by these parameters. His role model is Winston Churchill, the man who warned about Germany’s strengthening in the 1930s and was considered an eccentric right-wing militarist until he was called upon to save Britain in World War II, after his doomsday prophecies came true. Like him, Netanyahu also sees himself as a prophet at the gate, who saw the dangers of terror and extremist Islam before others did, and has now received a second chance to prove the justice of his claims and remove the threats to Israel and the Jewish people. A person with such historical awareness does not just spew out empty words about existential dangers, Holocaust and destruction. These words obligate him to take action. And his declarations to date have been so extreme that he will have difficulty retreating from them…

Since Netanyahu’s return to the Prime Minister’s Office, and ahead of his trip to Washington, Israel has upped its verbal tirade against Iran, and there is evidence of a media campaign with one, simple message: If the world doesn’t halt Iran’s nuclearization, Israel will act alone, and it is already preparing for such an eventuality. ..

What will a Netanyahu-led Israel do if Obama succeeds and reaches an agreement that will leave Iran with the status of a "threshold nation" – with nuclear capability, but without a bomb? And what will Israel demand in return for such an arrangement, in the form of American security guarantees in case it is violated?

Israel will find it difficult to attack Iran alone without a "green light" from America, even if it is only implied and if America ostensibly turns a blind eye. But once the moment of truth arrives, it is doubtful Obama would give the order to take down the Israeli planes heading to Iran – or for that matter to declare an end of aid to Israel or to sever relations. Obviously, the U.S. will want to remain somewhat distanced from any operation that is launched, so as not to be vulnerable to the anticipated Iranian response. But its strong commitment to Israeli security will not allow America to forcibly prevent a military operation designed to prevent a second Holocaust. That is the message Netanyahu will try to implant in the minds of the members of Congress.

As long as the diplomatic process continues, and Obama is asking Israel to hold off on any action, it is too early to declare that a war against Iran is inevitable. But Netanyahu’s rise to power is clearly bringing Israel closer to such a conflagration, because of the gravity he attributes to the Iranian threat and his belief that he is tasked with saving Israel and the Jewish people from destruction. Anyone who thinks of himself in such terms and is also talking about history books will not want to be remembered as the prime minister who served when the Islamic Republic, whose leader considers Israel a "filthy germ," became a nuclear power.

Is Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to a ‘second Holocaust’? (By Aluf Benn in Haaretz.com)

Premier Netanyahu heeft gedreigd nucleaire installaties van Iran aan te vallen als de VS niet voorkomen dat Iran nucleaire wapens verwerft. Zulk een aanval zou catastrofale consquenties hebben in de regio en de wereld. Het is niet zo vreemd dat Iran (ook) nucleaire capaciteiten wil opbouwen als afschrikkingsmacht. De Iraanse leiders zijn niet uit op zelfvernietiging van hun land door Israel aan te vallen. Amerika moet Israel weerhouden van een ‘preventieve’ oorlog tegen Iran, meent deze opinieschrijver van de Christian Science Monitor – een waarschuwing die iedere rationele waarnemer kan onderschrijven.

The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran (Opinion Christian Science Monitor)


2 thoughts on “'Is Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to a 'second Holocaust'?' (Haaretz.com)

  1. Iran probeert al jaren Israël te elimineren doormiddel van haar twee grootste instrumenten; de beweging Hamas en Hezbollah.
    Door de financiële steun van Iran aan deze twee bewegingen staat zij vrede tussen Israël en de Palestijnen in de weg. Dat is ook het doel van Iran; vrede blokkeren tussen de Palestijnen en Israël.
    Vrede is voor Iran pas in het vooruitzicht als de staat Israël vernietigd is. Zolang Hezbollah en Hamas in financieel opzicht gevoed blijven worden door Iran zullen zij alles in werking stellen om mee te helpen aan de liquidatie van de staat Israël.
    Zoals het nu gesteld is met Iran zie ik geen vrede in het vooruitzicht. Iran zou alleen een belangrijke rol kunnen spelen binnen het vredesproces als het een seculiere staat wordt of als er in ieder geval meer gematigde personen in het land een gezaghebbende positie krijgen toegewezen.Reactie is geredigeerd

  2. Sanneke,
    Wel eens aan gedacht, dat Israel er belang bij heeft de huidige status quo te handhaven!

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