Obama: Taliban greater threat to Pakistan than India (Al Jazeera English)

Pakistan begint te begrijpen dat de binnenlandse dreiging van de Taliban groter is dan de externe dreiging van ‘eeuwige vijand’ India, constateert president Obama tevreden – maar zeer bezorgd. Maar in hoeverre werkt de Amerikaanse bemoeienis in India (en Afghanistan) contra-productief, vraagt Al Jazeera zich af in een leerzame (video) reportage.

Barack Obama, the US president, has said Pakistan’s army has begun to realise that the Taliban pose the biggest threat to the country, rather than India.

Speaking at a news conference in Washington DC on Wednesday, he said: "You’re starting to see some recognition … that the obsession with India as the mortal threat to Pakistan has been misguided.

"Their biggest threat right now comes internally … and you’re starting to see the Pakistani military take much more seriously the armed threat from militant extremists," he said.

"I am gravely concerned about the situation in Pakistan, not because I think they’re immediately going to be overrun and the Taliban will take over … [but] that the civilian government there right now is very fragile."..

Obama: Pakistan threat ‘internal’ (Al Jazeera English)

As the fallout from November’s bloody siege in Mumbai focuses the world’s attention on Pakistan’s ability to control enemy fighters within its own borders, Al Jazeera investigates Pakistan’s role in the so-called war on terror.

In this exclusive two-part series, Rageh Omaar travels from the capital, Islamabad, to the tribal heartlands to chart the spread of suicide bombings and the escalation of violence that has turned Pakistan into a war zone. During his investigations Rageh Omaar learns that Pakistan’s efforts to crush the insurgents in the tribal areas are compromised by US cross-border drone strikes, which violate Pakistan’s fragile sovereignty.

In the three months before Al Jazeera’s crew arrived, 20 US drone strikes killed more than 100 people.

Corps Commander General Masood asserts: "The majority of people in this area perceive the US presence in Afghanistan as occupation forces. So when the US starts acting inside Pakistan and any innocent civilian is killed by any of these attacks, it reduces the credibility of the Pakistan army to be doing something good."

Pakistan’s War (Al Jazeera English)

President Obama moet een fundamenteel ander beleid voeren t.a.v. Pakistan dan zijn voorganger Bush, anders vervalt dat land in chaos – met desastreuze gevolgen ook voor Obama’s ‘Af-Pak’-strategie. En verschuilt het leiderschap van Al Qaida zich wel in Pakistan? Uit welke groeperingen bestaat de Taliban?

A new approach bij the U.S. toward Pakistan is needed and possible

Pakistan’s government has abdicated to the Taliban in agreeing to impose Islamic law in the Swat valley and the country now poses a "mortal threat" to the world, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

Surging violence across Pakistan and the spread of Taliban influence through its northwest are reviving concerns about the stability of the nuclear-armed country, an important US ally vital to efforts to stabilize neighboring Afghanistan.

US President Barack Obama, who on March 27 unveiled a new strategy that seeks to crush Al-Qaida and Taliban militants in Afghanistan and those operating from across the border in Pakistan, meets the presidents of both countries May 6-7.

The talks illustrate US anxiety that Afghanistan could again become a haven for Al-Qaida militants to launch foreign attacks more than seven years after US-led forces toppled the Afghan Taliban regime that sheltered the Sept 11 attackers.

Speaking to US lawmakers, Clinton said the Pakistani government had to provide basic services to its people or risk seeing the Taliban, and other extremists, fill the vacuum…

Clinton: Pakistan a ‘moral threat’ (Agencies)

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