The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran (Opinion Christian Science Monitor)

Premier Netanyahu heeft gedreigd nucleaire installaties van Iran aan te vallen als de VS niet voorkomen dat Iran nucleaire wapens verwerft. Zulk een aanval zou catastrofale consquenties hebben in de regio en de wereld. Het is niet zo vreemd dat Iran (ook) nucleaire capaciteiten wil opbouwen als afschrikkingsmacht. De Iraanse leiders zijn niet uit op zelfvernietiging van hun land door Israel aan te vallen. Amerika moet Israel weerhouden van een ‘preventieve’ oorlog tegen Iran, meent deze opinieschrijver van de Christian Science Monitor – een waarschuwing die iedere rationele waarnemer kan onderschrijven.

The US needs to make it clear it will not tolerate a first strike.

The new Israeli prime minister recently appeared to give President Obama a blunt ultimatum: Stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons – or we will.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s challenge (intimated in an interview he gave to The Atlantic magazine) smacks of unrealistic bravado and, worse, it appears to be a crude attempt to bully an American president into bombing Iran’s nuclear installations.

The world should hope it’s a hollow threat.

The consequences of a unilateral Israeli strike would be enormous if not disastrous. Mr. Obama cannot allow himself to be intimidated by Mr. Netanyahu, nor can he wink if the Israeli air force bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities…

The fallout from Israel’s strike on Osirak was serious but limited. But a preemptive strike on Iranian soil would border on catastrophic. Consider:..

Iran has no need to nuke Israel. Its ruling clerics, whom Netanyahu described as a "messianic apocalyptic cult," believe time, history, and Allah are on their side. They believe the Jewish state, starting across the border in Lebanon, can be nibbled to death over the next century just as the Arabs did to the Crusader kingdoms 600 years ago.

It should surprise no one that Iran’s mullahs want nuclear weapons. They live in a nuclear neighborhood: Pakistan, India, Russia, China, and Israel, which is estimated to have 200 nuclear bombs ready to use if it were attacked. The ayatollahs also remember Mr. Hussein’s 1991 folly of going to war with the US without nuclear weapons.

Obama needs to do Netanyahu a favor and tell the Israelis: "No first strike." Keep the F-15s and F-16s at home. A messianic vision such as Mr. Ahmadinejad’s is rife in much of the Islamic world. Bellicose rhetoric most often serves as an excuse for inaction. It does not denote suicidal inclinations on the part of Iran’s more pragmatic leaders.

The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran (Opinion Christian Science Monitor)

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites (

THE Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says it will be "fine with us" if the Palestinians reach a two-state peace deal with Israel, despite his opposition to the "racist" Jewish nation.

The firebrand leader, in an interview broadcast on Sunday with the US network ABC, appeared unhappy that the US President, Barack Obama, had failed to respond to his message of congratulations on his election and said nuclear negotiations could proceed only with a clear agenda…

Iran will respect a two-state solution (Jitendra Joshi in The Sydney Morning Herald)

One thought on “The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran (Opinion Christian Science Monitor)

  1. Een logisch artikel als iemand Israel expendable vind.
    Voor wie Israel liever op de aardbol houdt, is dit artikel niet relevant.

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