Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa (Oxford Research Group)

Een uitstekende publicatie over de verschillende probleemgebieden in het wijdere Midden-Oosten en Noord Afrika, hoe deze elkaar beinvloeden, en hoe deze worden gezien van binnen en buiten de regio.
Uitgangspunt is dat symptoombestrijding niet werkt, maar dat een geintegreerd beleid t.a.v. de oorzaken van de (potentiele) conflicten vereist is om een meer blijvende veiligheid te bereiken:

Over the next 5-10 years, a radical shift towards sustainable approaches to security will be hugely important. If there is no change in thinking, security policies will continue to be based on the mistaken assumption that the status quo can be maintained: an elite minority can maintain its position, environmental problems can be marginalised, and the lid can be kept on dissent and insecurity.
Alternatively, a change in thinking could lead to an era of substantial progress in developing a more socially just and environmentally sustainable regional order for the Middl east and North Africa
(slot van het Rapport, blz 8).

Report From Within and Without: Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa (by Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden in Oxford Research Group)

The Middle East and North Africa is a region of great diversity. It encompasses Arab and many other ethnic populations, theocratic and secular states, democracies and authoritarian regimes. A region of immense wealth and crippling poverty; it is blessed (some might say cursed) with vast resources, not least oil, but has not always proved able to manage them for the benefit of ordinary people. While it is often viewed from the outside as a source of terrorism and conflict, the regional perception is one of foreign occupation and other external interference.

This report is based on the outcomes of a consultation that Oxford Research Group (ORG) and the Institute for Peace Studies (IPS) held in Egypt in October 2008. Bringing together security experts, academics, government officials and civil society leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa, the two-day meeting explored the implications of the sustainable security framework for the region. The Ford Foundation-funded consultation was the second in a series of six regional meetings to be held over 2008-09 as part of ORG’s Moving Towards Sustainable Security programme.

The meeting identified the regional drivers of insecurity as:

Conflict and occupation
Resource management
Marginalisation and social exclusion

The blockages to achieving change in the region were identified as:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Al-Qaida and other fundamentalist movements
External interference

The report includes an integrated analysis of these issues, together with recommendations for policy-makers.

From Within and Without: Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa (by Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden in Oxford Research Group)


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