'Is there a possibility that a fascist regime might come to power in Israel?'

Uri Avnery is diep bezorgd over de situatie in Israel en stelt de vraag of zijn land zou kunnen vervallen is fascisme. Wat is fascisme en waarom is Hitler aan de macht gekomen? Een doorwrochte en pijnlijke analyse van een van Israel’s meest vooraanstaande vredesactivisten.

..Is the State of Israel approaching an existential crisis – moral, political, economic – that could leave it an endangered nation? Can Lieberman, or someone who could take his place, turn out to be a demonic personality like Hitler, or at least Mussolini? …In my opinion, the fatal spark was ignited at a fateful moment when a people ready for fascism met the man [Hitler] with the attributes of a fascist leader…

Perhaps Avigdor Lieberman is only a passing episode in the annals of the State of Israel. Perhaps the fire he is trying to ignite will flicker briefly and go out by itself. Or perhaps the police investigations into the grave corruption affair of which he is suspected will lead to his removal from the public sphere. But the opposite is also possible. Last week he promised his acolytes that the next elections would bring him to power.
Perhaps Lieberman will prove to be an “Israbluff”’ (a term he himself likes to use), and be revealed, behind the frightful façade, as nothing more than a run of the mill impostor.
Perhaps this Lieberman will indeed disappear, to be replaced by another, even worse Lieberman.
Either way, we should candidly confront the phenomenon he represents. If one believes that his utterances sound fascist, one has to ask oneself: is there a possibility that a fascist regime might come to power in Israel?..

A Little Red Light (by Uri Avnery in MediaMonitors.net)

U.S.: Early Friction with New Israeli Government (by Jim Lobe in IPS)


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