China fury at Pentagon report on China's military power (BBC News)

Dreigt er een Koude Oorlog tussen de VS en China? Zeker is, dat China zijn krijgsmacht versterkt en zijn invloed verder buiten eigen grenzen doet gevoelen. En dat kan leiden tot botsingen met Amerika die zijn macht over de gehele wereld uitstrekt.

Beijing has reacted angrily to a Pentagon report on China’s military power, which claimed it was altering the military balance in Asia.
A foreign ministry spokesman called it a "gross distortion of the facts", and urged an end to "Cold War thinking".

In its annual report to Congress, the Pentagon said China was developing "disruptive" technologies for nuclear, space and cyber warfare.
It could be used to enforce claims over disputed territories, the report said. Beijing was again criticised for a lack of transparency in reporting military spending and security policy.

"This report issued by the US side continues to play up the fallacy of China’s military threat," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told journalists…

China fury at US military report (BBC News)

Earlier this year, the US and China engaged in a duel of human rights reports. The US Department of State released a report on human rights in China, followed by China publishing its own report on human rights in the United States.

Now we have a semi-sequel. The US defence department has just released a report on "Military power of the People’s Republic of China 2009"[pdf link].

Among the 78-page report’s conclusions…

"Over the past several years, China has begun a new phase of military development by beginning to articulate roles and missions for the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] that go beyond China’s immediate territorial interests, but has left unclear to the international community the purposes and objectives of the PLA’s evolving doctrine and capabilities. Moreover, China continues to promulgate incomplete defense expenditure figures and engage in actions that appear inconsistent with its declaratory policies. The limited transparency in China’s military and security affairs poses risks to stability by creating uncertainty and increasing the potential for misunderstanding and miscalculation."

China has delivered its response, which can be summarised in four words: mind your own business…

US and China’s verbal duel (James Reynolds, BBC News)


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