The 'Israel lobby' has scored its first triumph of the Obama administration (Guardian)

De Amerikaanse ‘Israel lobby’ heeft de aanstelling belet van Chas Freeman als onafhankelijke – dus potentieel Israel-kritische – voorzitter van de National Intelligence Council.

De corrumpterende macht van de christen- en joods zionistische (Pro-Groot)Israel lobby moet worden beteugeld wil er ooit een rechtvaardige en rechtmatige vrede in het Midden-Oosten komen. Dit geldt bovenal voor Amerika – maar ook voor ons eigen land.

The Israel lobby and Republican neocons have scored their first triumph of the Obama administration by derailing the appointment of Chas Freeman as director of the National Intelligence Council.

Freeman was a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia and known as an outspoken critic of the Israeli occupation. Director of national intelligence Dennis Blair, an old friend, appointed Freeman to head the agency that produces intelligence estimates for nations that pose a danger of terrorism to US interests. During the Bush administration these estimates were quite controversial, and the report for Iran judged that the regime had suspended its nuclear programme, running counter to the claims of Dick Cheney and other Iran hawks.

Because of his strong, critical views on Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians, knocking out Freeman was one of the lobby’s top priorities. To his credit, the feisty Freeman went down swinging. He landed heavy blows on his detractors:..

But what is lacking in this analysis is the symbolic importance of the Freeman appointment and its savaging. Politics, like football, is a game of inches. It is a game of momentum. The lobby has tripped up Obama’s momentum and grabbed the agenda, at least momentarily. And both Blair and Obama have lost the benefit of an honest broker, who would not be afraid to tell them when they were wearing no clothes.

Seems to me we’ve just completed eight years of an administration that ran from the truth tellers as fast as their feet would carry them. Similarly, the lobby wants no truth tellers when it comes to devising US policy toward Israel. It wants sycophants, yes-men, pols who know how to line up in a straight line. We can see how well this policy worked for George Bush. And it won’t work for an administration that wants to act as a more honest broker, rather than a cheerleader or enabler of one side’s bad habits.

This is a very sad day for anyone who really wishes for Israeli-Palestinian peace and a vigorous American role in achieving it.

The Israel lobby’s Lexington and Concord (Richard Silverstein on

De Israel lobby veto’t onafhankelijke kandidaat als vz National Intelligence Council

Editor’s Note: The forced withdrawal of former U.S. Ambassador Charles “Chas” Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, which oversees the intelligence community’s assessment of threats to the United States, marks an important defeat for the Obama administration over how far it can go in pursuing Middle East peace.

Washington’s powerful neoconservative establishment led the successful assault against Freeman because of his past criticism of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, as former senior CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman notes in this guest essay:

Israel is capable of debating sensitive national security issues dealing with a variety of Israeli-Arab issues, but this does not appear to be possible in the United States.

Israel Lobby Knocks Out Freeman (By Melvin A. Goodman in

The Middle East press has questioned President Obama’s authority over Arab-Israeli issues since Charles W. Freeman Jr.’s withdrawal from his appointment to a senior intelligence position…

A statement by Freeman accusing the Israel lobby of being behind his withdrawal became big news in the United States and the Middle East…

The Jeddah Arab News online (in English) ran a commentary saying that observers in Saudi Arabia called the former ambassador’s announcement utterly disappointing. An editorial described his withdrawal as "a great victory for Washington ’s powerful Israel lobby and a grave defeat for US foreign policy."..

Mideast Press Questions Obama – Top Intelligence Pick’s Pullout Blamed on ‘Pro-Israel Hawks’ (By Walter Pincus in Washington Post)

De zionistische (pro-Groot-) ‘Israel lobby’ in Nederland: een noodzakelijke inventarisatie

‘Israel lobby’ op VK-site


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  1. Ze zijn inderdaad oppermachtig.
    Iemand enig idee waar de 64 miljard dollar van Bernard Madoff naar toe zijn?
    Iemand enig idee waarom de inspecteurs zijn piramidespel niet hebben kunnen blootleggen?

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