Saudi warning to Obama: Change course radically on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Editorial FT)

Israel’s oorlog in Gaza heeft de woede opgewekt van ook het leiderschap van Saoedi-Arabie, uitmondend in een felle aanklacht tegen Israel en een ongewoon ernstige waarschuwing aan president Obama: verander radicaal het Midden-Oosten beleid van de VS of wij verbreken onze speciale relatie met U.

President Obama zou het vredesvoorstel van Koning Abdullah in 2002 moeten volgen dat volledige erkenning van Israel inhoudt door de Arabische landen, in ruil voor volledige terugtrekking uit bezet Arabisch gebied en stichting van een Palestijnse staat met oost-Jeruzalem als hoofdstad.

Anyone with a stake in the stability of the wider Middle East should take very seriously the warning set forth in the Financial Times Saudi patience is running out last Friday by Prince Turki al-Faisal.

Prince Turki, a man who expresses himself with care and moderation, was recently the Saudi ambassador to the UK and the US and, before that, the long-serving chief of Saudi intelligence. He and his brother, foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, have represented the pro-US kingdom to the world for well over three decades. They are also part of the reforming wing of Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy and allies of King Abdullah.

Prince Turki, citing equally forthright remarks by King Abdullah and Prince Saud, is now telling the new administration of Barack Obama it can either change course radically on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or forfeit the US “special relationship” with Saudi Arabia. The US, he warns, risks losing its leadership role in the Middle East.

The Bush administration has not only left “a sickening legacy in the region”, he says, but “contributed to the slaughter of innocents”. Mr Obama should embrace the 2002 peace plan of King Abdullah, offering full Arab recognition of Israel for full Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land and the creation of a Palestinian state, with Arab east Jerusalem as its capital.

Prince Turki reveals that Iran last week called on Saudi Arabia to lead a jihad against Israel. “So far, the kingdom has resisted these calls,” he said, but “eventually, the kingdom will not be able to prevent its citizens from joining the worldwide revolt against Israel”. Strong stuff…

Saudi warning (Editorial Financial Times)

Israel’s ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ of Destruction (by Jonathan Cook in Global


One thought on “Saudi warning to Obama: Change course radically on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Editorial FT)

  1. Het is duidelijk, de kaarten worden geschud voor deze ronde.
    Obama heeft al beloofd dat hij op agressieve wijze naar duurzame vrede streeft.

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