Britse ex-minister: Afghanistan is institutioneel totaal corrupt (The Guardian/ICH)

Britse ex-minister vertelt het parlement dat Afghanistan institutioneel totaal corrupt is en dat president Karzai daar te weinig aan doet. Volgens hem moet de Britse regering ophouden met haar domme rhetoriek als zou men bereid moeten zijn om langdurig in Afghanistan tegen Al Qaida te vechten, omdat het beter is dat daar te doen dan in eigen land.

The former Foreign Office minister with responsibility for Afghanistan yesterday accused the country of being corrupt "from top to bottom", and said the international community had wrongly treated President Hamid Karzai with kid gloves.

The criticism came from Kim Howells, who was in charge of the Afghanistan brief for three-and-a-half years until he stepped down as a foreign affairs minister in the October government reshuffle. The remarks reflect his considered judgment on what has been described as the most difficult foreign policy challenge facing the UK government and its armed forces.

Breaking his silence on the issue, he told MPs: "Institutionally, Afghanistan is corrupt from top to bottom. There are few signs that the chaotic hegemony of warlords, gangsters, presidential placemen, incompetent and under-resourced provincial governors and self-serving government ministers has been challenged in any effective way by President Karzai…

He said the government had to change its "daft" rhetoric on the war. "Forget the nonsense about being prepared to fight on the mountains and plains of Afghanistan for 30 years. People will not accept the notion that British families should send their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters to risk their lives fighting religious fanatics, tribal nationalists, corrupt warlords and heroin traffickers in one of the most godforsaken terrains on the face of the earth. The notion is daft, however much we may try to rationalise it by arguing that it is better to fight al-Qaeda over there than over here.".

He said the only hope of peace lay in Nato countries being more willing to fight, especially the Germans, and in persuading Karzai to tackle corruption and start a proper process of reconciliation…

Ex-minister slates UK policy on Afghanistan (Patrick Wintour in The Guardian)


2 thoughts on “Britse ex-minister: Afghanistan is institutioneel totaal corrupt (The Guardian/ICH)

  1. En nu zegt Den Haag in een persoffensief juist vandaag dat het steeds beter gaat: de inktvlek wordt groter en groter! Of zijn er twee landen die zich Afghanistan noemen?

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