NAVO valt Taliban aan in Pakistan – een precedent? (BBC News)

De NAVO reageerde op een Taliban raket-aanval vanaf Pakistan’s grondgebied op een eigen eenheid in Afghanistan. Zo breidt de NAVO-missie zich gaandeweg uit tot over de grens van Pakistan. Amerikanen treden al nationaal op in de Pakistaanse grensgebieden. Voor de NAVO is dit de eerste keer – althans dat er melding van wordt gemaakt. Valt dit binnen het mandaat van NAVO/ISAF? Een vraag die ook onze politici onder ogen moeten zien.

Nato-led troops in Afghanistan say they carried out an attack on an "enemy position" in Pakistan on Sunday with the help of Pakistani security forces.
The International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said in a statement that it carried out the attack after one of its Afghan bases came under attack. Isaf said there were no casualties in the attack on its base.
Correspondents say it is rare for Isaf to acknowledge such co-operation. There was no immediate Pakistani response.

A statement by Isaf said that its base in Afghanistan’s south-eastern Paktika province was hit by rocket attacks from a "location within Pakistan" on Sunday.
The Nato-led forces said they were able to "identify the origin of the enemy rocket launches". The location has not been disclosed. "Upon positive identification, Isaf coordinated with the Pakistan military and fired a total of 20 artillery rounds on the enemy location," said the statement…

Pakistan backed raid, says Nato (BBC News)

The Taleban is planning for a 20-year war in Afghanistan – and the US and its allies are now having to develop policies to match.
The problem is that the policies carried out up till now – a combination of military operations and civilian development in the hope that in due course the Afghan government will be strong enough on its own – have led to a deteriorating security situation…

Countering the Taleban’s 20-year war (By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent, BBC News website)


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