Profile John McCain (Right Web)

..McCain, frequently described by the media as a political maverick, speaks and votes as a social conservative, a fiscal conservative, and a war hawk. Yet a minority of his positions, including those on immigration and corporate regulation—as well as his willingness to join with Democratic partners on congressional bills—have gained him a reputation as an independent…

Profile John McCain (Right Web)

Ongeschikt voor het Presidentschap: John McCain vs John McCain (Youtube)

..Even those in the military who celebrate McCain’s patriotism and sacrifice question why his POW experience has been elevated as his top qualification to be commander in chief. "It took guts to go through that and to come out reasonably intact and able to pick up the pieces of your life and move on," says Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, who has known McCain since the 1980s. "It is unquestionably a demonstration of the character of the man. But I don’t think that it is a special qualification for being president of the United States. In some respects, I’m not sure that’s the kind of character I want sitting in the Oval Office. I’m not sure that much time in a prisoner-of-war status doesn’t do something to you. Doesn’t do something to you psychologically, doesn’t do something to you that might make you a little more volatile, a little less apt to listen to reason, a little more inclined to be volcanic in your temperament."..

Make-Believe Maverick (TIM DICKINSON in


One thought on “Profile John McCain (Right Web)

  1. Tja, McCain toont met zijn ‘geen vlees en geen vis’ gedrag in feite aan dat Amerika een eenpartijenstelsel kent. BIDEN deed vier jaar geleden het voorstel McCain de rol van ‘running mate van John Kerry’ te laten spelen (‘de betere man’) – een voorstel dat aantoont dat hij in McCain een superieure gelijke ziet.
    Nu is BIDEN running mate van OBAMA, die niet inziet dat hij het als veranderaar moet doen met een inferieure versie van McCain…
    Wie zijn verstand gebruikt kan helaas weinig enthousiasme opbrengen voor Amerikaanse veranderzucht.

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