Olmert advocates returning land seized in 1967 to win peace (Mark Mackinnon in The Globe and Mail )

‘Het probleem is dat onze Eerste Ministers zich pas herinneren dat het hun plicht is vrede te sluiten als ze volkomen aan de grond zitten’
(Advertentie van Goesj Sjalom in Ha’aretz op 23 mei 2008).

Israel’s departing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that his country will have to withdraw from “almost all” of the land it seized in a 1967 war if it wants to have peace with Syria and the Palestinians.

In an interview published in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper yesterday, a week after his formal resignation, Mr. Olmert said that Israelis need to make a “supremely difficult” decision about whether or not they really want to have peace with their neighbours. If the answer is yes, he said, Israel will have to withdraw its soldiers and settlers from the Golan Heights and nearly all of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Mr. Olmert said that peace is within reach on both fronts if Israel is willing to accept the necessary sacrifices. He said that he will continue to pursue peace agreements as long as he remains in office and suggested that his presumptive successor, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, will continue on the same path.

“We have an opportunity that is limited in time, in which we can perhaps reach a historic deal in our relations with the Palestinians and another historic step in our relations with Syria. In both cases, the decision we must reach is a decision that we have been refusing to accept for the past four decades,” Mr. Olmert said in what the newspaper called a legacy interview…

Olmert advocates returning land seized in 1967 to win peace (MARK MACKINNON in The Globe and Mail & Truthout)

Olmert: Israel must quit East Jerusalem and Golan (Haaretz)

Opmerking Ik mis reacties van onze verstokte (anti-)zionisten op dit. helaas, (te?) late inzicht van Olmert.

Aanvulling op 15 nov.

No leader before Olmert has explicitly called for return to ’67 border (ANALYSIS / Haaretz)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert chose to strike on the most sensitive day of Israel’s calendar, Yitzhak Rabin Memorial day. He did so both in the Knesset and on Mount Herzl, in order to lay out his vision – Israel must pull out of all the territories quickly, before it loses international support for a two-state solution.

No Israeli leader before him has called explicitly for withdrawing from the territories and "returning to the area that was Israel until 1967." Olmert’s criticism of the settlers’ violence against the Palestinian olive pickers and his warning of the next political murder were also sharper than ever…
No leader before Olmert has explicitly called for return to ’67 border (ANALYSIS / Haaretz)


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