Iraq, Iran, China: the emerging axis (Paul Rogers in openDemocracy)

A United States pressed by Iraqi government confidence and Afghan guerrilla defiance is now confronted with a larger and longer-term strategic challenge in greater west Asia, says Paul Rogers..

..much of what appears to be forward movement in Iraq today is on closer inspection provisional..

Iraq, Iran, China: the emerging axis (Paul Rogers in openDemocracy)

Opmerking Zoals gebruikelijk van prof. Paul Rogers, een goede evaluatie.


One thought on “Iraq, Iran, China: the emerging axis (Paul Rogers in openDemocracy)

  1. Ik sluit me aan bij het commentaar van Steven Rogers onder het artikel van zijn naamgenoot Paul:I don’t see any reason to discern a "loose axis between China, Iran and Iraq". Certainly China will do business with Iran and Iraq, but they will also do business with many others, and if doing business makes you part of an axis, then China and the US must be part of an axis too.
    Neither is there any visible reason to see this as a threat. China’s interests in the region are very similar to those of the US. As a massive oil importer, China wants to see oil production rising and oil prices falling, or at least holding stable. That gives the Chinese every reason to want to maintain political stability in the Middle East. Given their own restive Muslim minorities, the Chinese also have no reason whatsoever to promote Islamic radicalism.
    China and the US do compete, to some extent, but at the end of the day both are trading powers, both are oil consumers, and both are status quo powers – and that means their common interests are at least as great as their divergent interests. Prosperity in the US and Europe – the major export markets on which China depends – is very much in China’s self interest, and the Chinese have no real reason to be rocking any boats. China’s influence in the Middle East is more likely to be a moderating force than a radicalizing force.

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