How Important Was the 'Surge' for more Stability in Iraq? (Dylan Matthews and Ezra Klein in TAP)

Ten Iraq experts weigh in on the effectiveness of the surge.

..There’s no doubt that the past year or two have seen a dramatic drop in Iraqi violence, and real gains in stability. In the American press, much of this stability has been chalked up to the "surge" of 30,000 or so extra troops, centered around Baghdad.

But was the surge the only, or even the main, factor creating this stability? To find out, TAP Online asked ten Iraq experts, from all sides of the political spectrum, to explain the forces and developments they believed had resulted in Iraq’s relative stability, and evaluate the centrality of the surge. As you’ll see in the following responses, it’s not a question that’s easily answered…

How Important Was the Surge? (Dylan Matthews and Ezra Klein in The American Prospect)


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