Afghanistan and Pakistan: No easy way out (Bookreview by Michael Fathers/New Statesman)

The policy failures of Nato and the United States have left Afghanistan and Pakistan dangerously unstable, argues Ahmed Rashid. And any solution will be difficult as long as Pakistan’s army and military intelligence continue to support the Taliban and al-Qaeda

‘Descent Into Chaos: How the War Against Islamic Extremism Is Being Lost in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia’ by

This is not a catalogue of doom as its title suggests. Nor does central Asia, or more particularly the former Soviet republics, play a central part in this story. It is, rather, the most graphic, detailed and worrying indictment of US and Nato policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan since the 11 September 2001 attacks…

No easy way out (Bookreview by Michael Fathers/New Statesman)

Missie-Afghanistan (VKblogsite)


2 thoughts on “Afghanistan and Pakistan: No easy way out (Bookreview by Michael Fathers/New Statesman)

  1. Tja, en wat te denken over de productie van heroine? De Taliban had de handel lamgelegd en wij hebben de productie op indirecte wijze (door oorlog te voeren) verveelvoudigd. Afghanistan is ’s wereld grootste heroineproducent. Vooral Iran is daar het slachtoffer van geworden. Kampt met een immens verslavingsprobleem.

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