Pentagon Accuses Iran of Assisting Afghan Insurgents (Presstv.iran/ICH)

A DoD report released to Congress ahead of a vote on extreme punitive measures on Iran accuses Tehran of assisting Afghan insurgents.

In its first ever Report on Progress toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan to the US Congress, the Pentagon claims it has ‘evidence’ of Iranian involvement in the war-torn country.

"There is evidence that the insurgency … has been provided with lethal aid originating in Iran since at least 2006," says the report.

It is ‘unclear what role, and at what level the Iranian government plays in providing this assistance’, the 72-page document adds.

Iran, however, says it has helped in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and has played only a constructive role in the country.

The release of the report comes ahead of a vote on the imposition of harsher US sanctions on Iranian banks, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and any energy companies that have invested $20,000,000 or more in the Iranian petroleum or natural gas sector in any given year since the enactment of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996.

If the bill passes, US President George W. Bush will also be urged to gain world support to prohibit the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products and to impose stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran.

Introduced by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and considered a tacit declaration of war against the Islamic Republic, the bill has seen opposition but may pass…

Opmerking Zo wordt de NAVO (incl. Nederland), via Afghanistan, meegesleept in een oorlog met Iran

Pentagon making case against Iran (


Nederland laat zich meeslepen in onnodige en niet te winnen wereldstrijd tegen ‘islamofascisme’


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