Afghanistan violence rises, weakening Karzai government (The Christian Science Monitor)

Taliban attacks are up, making this the worst season since the insurgency began and spurring greater Western troop deployments.

Violence in Afghanistan is increasing, according to recent announcements by senior US and NATO officials. Analysts estimate that this has been the bloodiest spring since the start of the insurgency and that the increasing instability is fueling the call to deploy more troops to the region. Across the country this week, violence flared. Suicide bombers attacked international soldiers in Kabul today, reports the Associated Press…

More than 1,200 people have been killed this year, the Associated Press estimates. NATO officials claim that the surge in violence is related in part to the recent peace deals between the Pakistani government and the rebels in that country, which allow for a haven for Taliban fighters who cross the border to launch attacks in Afghanistan…

Afghanistan violence rises, weakening Karzai government ( By Anand Gopal in The ChristianScience Monitor)

Miisie-Afghanistan (VK-blog

Nederland laat zich meeslepen in onnodige en niet te winnen wereldstrijd tegen ‘islamo-fascisme’ (Vk-blog)


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