McCain is Now the Neo-Con Candidate (Jim Lobe

Of course, the neo-cons admire McCain’s generally hawkish — not to say, militarist — views, particularly with respect to Iraq, even as they may disagree with him about trifles like what constitutes torture. And even if he didn’t become a charter member of the Project for the New American Century, he embodies, in many ways, whatever it was that Kristol and Kagan meant when they were writing about “national greatness” in 1996 in their Foreign Affairs article, “Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy.” McCain’s little ditty about “bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran” — not to mention his willingness to maintain U.S. troops in Iraq for decades, if not centuries — must also appeal to the neo-cons’ neo-imperial agenda (despite Kagan’s recent support for direct talks with Tehran).

But what really brought it home this week was a little aside in an article by Hayes earlier this week in the Standard about McCain’s Florida victory and the celebration at campaign headquarters that followed. Here’s the sentence: “I welcome this debate (about the positions taken by McCain and Mitt Romney on the Iraq surge last summer,” (Sen. Lindsey) Graham said last night, as former CIA Director Jim Woolsey gave him a hug.” If Woolsey was there in body, Perle, Feith and Gaffney were probably there in spirit. The question is whether McCain will publicly welcome such support.

McCain is Now the Neo-Con Candidate (Jim Lobe

McCain win would mean war with Iran (by David Edwards and Muriel Kane in Global Research)

Part of McCain’s attraction for me and other opponents of the Iraq war is that his hawkishness would give him the credibility to sell a diplomatic alternative to the imbroglio that Bush has created in the Middle East. Indeed, he is probably the best equipped of all the potential presidential candidates to extricate the United States from the ditch into which it has fallen. But doing so would require him to break substantially with his own recent history…

Neo-McCain (by John Judis in CSIS)

Commentaar Als McCain zou worden verkozen, dan komt er geen einde aan de fataal contra-productieve War on Terror. Integendeel: deze super-hawk is volledig ingekapseld door de "israel lobby’ die aandringt op oorlog tegen Iran. Het feit dat de joodse zionist Joe Lieberman regelmatig naast McCain staat bij presentaties, spreekt boekdelen.


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