The 'war on terror' moves East to Afghanistan and Pakistan (By Jason Motlag and Jim Lobe/Asia Time

The Pentagon’s announcement on Tuesday that it is dispatching about 3,200 US Marine Corps to Afghanistan underlines both Washington’s mounting concern about the strength of the Taliban insurgency and the growing sense that the central front in its nearly six-and-a-half-year-old "war on terror" has moved back to its South Asian roots.

The deployment, which will take place over the next three months, will bring the total number of US troops in Afghanistan to a record level of about 30,000 – still significantly less than the 160,000 in Iraq but nonetheless an implicit admission that US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces have not been able to subdue the largely Pashtun rebels…

The ‘war on terror’ moves East to Afghanistan and Pakistan (By Jason Motlag and Jim Lobe / Asia Time

‘The War on Terror’ – From Iraq Through to Afghanistan and Pakistan (Prof Paul Rogers/ORG)


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