Welke Amerikaanse president's kandidaat is het meest pro-Israel (lobby)? (Haaretz)

"The Israel Factor: Ranking the presidential candidates" is a new project on Rosner’s Domain that rates potential presidential contenders in the 2008 race for the White House based on their attitudes toward Israel.

Each month, a group of distinguished Israeli panelists, all of them experts on American policy and politics (go to the panel page to see who they are), will try to assess the candidates’ positions on various Israel-related issues, and deliver their verdict on whom they consider to be the best candidate for Israel.

Why are we doing this? The reason is quite obvious: As the U.S. is the sole world superpower, the influence wielded by the American president impacts way beyond the borders of the U.S. As a major recipient of U.S. aid and political support, Israel is one country for whom the positions and policies of the American president are crucial.

Like the rest of the world, Israelis closely follow the race for the presidency, acutely aware that the person who inhabits the White House will influence their future more that any other world leader – perhaps, even more than their own leaders…

The Israel factor: Ranking the presidential candidates (Rosner’s Domain – A Special Project/Haaretz)

The Israel Factor – How it all works: Ranking the presidential candidates (Haaretz)

Israel lobby op VK-site

De (pro-Groot-) ‘Israel lobby’ in Nederland: een noodzakelijke inventarisatie


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