Israeli diplomats are to mount an aggressive new public policy in Britain (JC)

Israeli diplomats are to mount an aggressive new strategy in Britain, making Israel’s case more actively in the media and taking their message out of London.

The marked change in tone is the brainchild of the new Israeli ambassador, Ron Prosor, who in a wide-ranging interview with the JC this week said: “We have to reach out and take our case to places where we have not been for years.

“It will be tough, but I have told everyone in the embasssy we are coming out — out of London W8 — to make the case for Israel. Don’t be afraid. I am setting the example — that’s what we get paid for.”

He has already made a “challenging” appearance at St Antony’s College, Oxford, but appeared to relish the experience…

Israeli diplomats are to mount an aggressive new public policy in Britain (JC)

A campaign financing scandal in which two of the principal players are Jewish is dealing a heavy blow to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s already weakened administration.

The involvement of two Jews at the center of the very public scandal is also making many British Jews uncomfortable, but Jewish community leaders say it has not caused any alarming anti-Jewish media coverage or anti-Semitic fallout.

“You can’t escape from the fact that the main dramatis personae in this saga are Jews,” said Antony Lerman, the executive director of the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research. “Not only are they Jewish, they are committed Jews.”

But Lerman said “the media’s coverage on this issue has been fair.”..

This contrasts with the affair of Lord Levy, the chief fundraiser for Tony Blair, the former prime minister and now a Middle East envoy.

Levy was investigated by the police this year and last over accusations that wealthy supporters provided Labor with secret loans in return for positions in the House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament.

The media never failed to mention Levy was a prominent Jew,” said Jewish Londoner Richard Millet.

Jews are central players in U.K. financing scandals (J. – The Jewish News Weekly from Northern California)


One thought on “Israeli diplomats are to mount an aggressive new public policy in Britain (JC)

  1. Dingedong, Arabs are central players in manipulation due to oil dependency. What’s new?
    Effe gogglen op Europese-Arabische alliantie. Daar zie je dan meteen hoe de Arab lobby in Europa op volle toeren draait.Reactie is geredigeerd

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