U.S. In No-Win Situations in Iraq and Afghanistan (By Sam Hamod in ICH)

No doubt about it, the U.S. is in a no-win situation in Afghanistan, much like the Russians of a few decades back.

It’s too bad America didn’t learn its lesson from the Russians in Afghanistan and the French in Viet Nam, but we didn’t; we went ahead as if we were the "good guys" who wore the white hats and could not lose because God was on our side. As it turns out, God is not on our side, and we have gone into a country that is not accustomed to allowing others, or their puppets as is Karzai, to take over their country. The Afghans know the mountains of their country, they know all the terrain, the caves, the resources and they have the will-power to withstand the winters and the invasion forces of any and all enemies, as the Russians, the British and now the Americans have found out.

For Bush to think that Musharraf could contain Al Qaida, destroy the Taliban and save Afghanistan for Karzai and America shows how naive he and his buddies in Washington and New York are–they all share the blame, from the White House to the Senate, to the Congress to the NY Times. They all believed the same folly about Afghanistan that they were later fed about Iraq, that we would be welcomed as "saviors," by the people and that they would dance in the streets and support us. As I have long stated in my hundreds of articles, it would not, and did not, happen, and will not happen in any of these countries we are sticking our nose into thinking that it will not be bloodied, whether it is these two countries or Somalia, the Phillipines or Pakistan (if we are foolish to send more troops in there, as we have done on some short sorties within the past year).

Not only have we lost our military personnel, we have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, poisoned more with DUI (depleted uranium which has a half-life of over a million years) including our own service personnel, and children in Iraq and Afghanistan for years to come. These people will never forgive us for these sins, and they should not–as we would not forgive them if they came here and did this to us.

It is now apparent that Bush has wanted to take over Iraq, just as I pointed out years ago in Counterpunch.com and in Informationclaringhouse.info, he wanted it to be "his own little country,"; now, his new treaty, that we shall remain in Iraq forever, makes clear that that was always his plan, not Iraqi "freedom" or Iraqi "democracy," or even taking out Saddam (based on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Wolfowitz, Powell and Lieberman lies about WMDs and more). ..

U.S. In No-Win Situations in Iraq and Afghanistan (By Sam Hamod in ICH)

Is afzijdigheid van Nederland in Pakistan, Afghanistan en Irak, werkelijk ‘naief’?


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