Archbishop thrown into row over US Middle East policy (Stephen Bates in Guardian)

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, found himself plunged into political controversy yesterday after remarks made during the course of a wide-ranging interview for a Muslim magazine were translated into an all-out attack on American policy in the Middle East.

The archbishop told Emel magazine in what it described as "a series of profound views expressed in serene tranquillity" that the US had lost the moral high ground since the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, and that Washington’s attempts to accumulate influence and control in the region were not working…

The archbishop’s criticism of Christian Zionism – the fundamentalist movement, particularly in the US, which supports the Jewish homeland of Israel because it sees it as a fulfilment of biblical prophesy – was transcribed by the newspaper as a more general criticism.

He had told his interviewer that he found Christian Zionism "not at all easy to accept", adding that it was connected with the "chosen national myth of America, meaning that what happens in America is very much at the heart of God’s purpose for humanity"…

Archbishop thrown into row over US Middle East policy (Stephen Bates in Guardian)


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One thought on “Archbishop thrown into row over US Middle East policy (Stephen Bates in Guardian)

  1. De afwijzing van Messianisme en hogepriesterlijke vormen van moreel absolutisme (‘met het papistische principe van de onfeilbaarheid kan ik niets beginnen’) maakt van deze bisschop een man die je christelijk kunt noemen.

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