War with Taliban 'could last for years' warns British Defence Chief (This is London)

British troops could remain in Afghanistan for "decades", the head of the Armed Forces warned yesterday.
And even then the conflict will only be resolved by a political deal – after talks with Taliban leaders, said Sir Jock Stirrup.

In an interview, the Chief of Defence Staff said: ‘In terms of bringing Afghanistan into its rightful place in the 21st century, that is an enormous project, that will engage the international community, frankly, for decades.
"There is a common misperception that the issues in Afghanistan, and indeed elsewhere around the world, can be dealt with by military means. "That’s a false perception. The military is a key, an essential element in dealing with those problems, but by and large these problems can only be resolved politically."…

War with Taliban ‘could last for years’ warns British Defence Chief (This is London)



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