Canada Weighs Future of her Afghan Mission (VOA)

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking recommendations on how to handle the military’s mission in Afghanistan amid growing parliamentary opposition.

Mr. Harper Friday announced the formation of an independent panel to determine Canada’s future role in Afghanistan.

The conservative leader appointed John Manley to chair the panel. Manley, who is a member of the Liberal Party, is a former deputy prime minister and foreign minister.

The panel has until January of 2008 to come up with recommendations on the future of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan….

Canada Weighs Future of her Afghan Mission (VOA)

Canada and the Netherlands are urging other members of the NATO alliance to send troops to southern Afghanistan to help fight Taleban militants.

The Canadian and Dutch defense ministers say they will lobby NATO members at talks in the Netherlands next month to become more active in Afghanistan’s south…

Canada, the Netherlands Seek More NATO Troops for Afghanistan (VOA)


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