Claims of a turning point in Iraq are just wishful thinking (Guardian)

In spite of the impact of the surge and US-armed Sunni groups, resistance is bound to continue until the occupiers leave.

Senior military officials have meanwhile let it be known that all British troops could be out of Iraq by the end of 2008. But the odds must be against that. The prime minister has already made it clear he is not prepared to make the popular break with US policy that would be necessary to call time on the British occupation. So long as US forces and their trigger-happy mercenary surrogates continue to roam the streets of Iraq’s devastated cities – and there’s no sign that occupation is going to be brought to an end any time soon – the pressure on Brown to provide continuing political cover for the White House with at least a token presence will be intense.

What does, however, seem to be taking place is a redrawing of the division of labour between the US and Britain in their war on terror. As the British force in Basra is drawn down, its counterpart fighting another lost war in Afghanistan is being expanded…

Most Iraqis believe that security has deteriorated during the six-month US military surge, according to opinion polls…

Claims of a turning point in Iraq are just wishful thinking (Guardian)


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