'The Middle East in Bible Prophecy' – The (Evangelical) Good News Magazine

The publishers of The Good News have produced an astounding, eye-opening book, The Middle East in Bible Prophecy that will help you better understand the troubled history of the Middle East—and its tumultuous future…

‘The Middle East in Bible Prophecy’ (The Good News Magazine)

It’s one of the great paradoxes of history that for the Prince of Peace to bring an end to violence and strife, He has to fight a war. Mankind will initially see Jesus Christ not as the Savior, but as an invader. And it’s in the area around Jerusalem that this cataclysmic battle will take place.

Jerusalem will then become the capital city of one world government, not organized by the United Nations or similar organization, but established by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Jerusalem’s astounding future (The Good News)

As we saw in the first part of this series in the last issue, Charles Darwin presented in his book, The Origin of Species, what he thought were numerous examples from the animal world to support his theory of evolution. But do they? Let’s examine some other supposed proofs and see how well they have fared some 150 years later…

Myths of Evolution – Part 2 (The Good News)

Many people believe that Jesus Christ will return to earth. In a 2004 Newsweek poll, just over half of those Americans polled expressed belief that He will come again. Fifteen percent said they thought that event would take place soon, in their lifetime.

But while many believe Jesus will return, things get considerably fuzzier on why He will return or what He will do when He returns…

Christ Will Return—But Why? (The Good News)

Although many people can’t find it on the map, Pakistan could easily be the next major threat to the United States and the Western world.

In the 1960s, there was a great deal of talk about the domino theory. The fear was that, if one country fell to communism, others would fall too, like a long line of dominoes. Many dismissed the idea—at least until South Vietnam fell, followed quickly by Cambodia and Laos.

Today the greatest threat to peace and security is radical Islam…

Attempting to receive greater backing and end criticism of his government from the West, Musharraf talked with former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in July, with a view to possibly sharing power. The threat from radical Islam could bring about the permanent downfall of both President Musharraf and Bhutto.

It would also mean that Islamic fundamentalists would gain control of Pakistan’s arsenal of several dozen nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.

With neighboring Iran also working on developing nuclear weapons, what would happen if the two countries formed a nuclear alliance? Coupled with the spread of radical Islam into Lebanon, Somalia, Gaza, the West Bank, Iraq and even Turkey, the threat to the West seems only set to grow….

Pakistan: A Nuclear-Armed Power Walks a Tightrope (the Good News)


2 thoughts on “'The Middle East in Bible Prophecy' – The (Evangelical) Good News Magazine

  1. Wat we de radicale Islam noemen verzet zich tegen het idee van uitverkoren mensen die over de wereld moeten heersen:
    "Jerusalem will then become the capital city of one world government, not organized by the United Nations or similar organization…"
    Veel radicale zionisten en christenen geloven echt dat Israel zo heilig is dat iedereen die de goddelijkheid van Zion ontkent uit de samenleving verbannen dient te worden.
    Verlichtingsdenkers zouden dat waanidee fel moeten bestrijden, juist ook om de radicale Islam de wind uit de zeilen te nemen.

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