Should we believe Iran's words or deeds? – A debate in 'The New Republic"

Benny Morris may well be right that only nuclear weapons can permanently destroy Iran’s nuclear program, but, as I indicated in my previous response to you, I don’t believe Israel will use nuclear weapons. That still allows for credible conventional military options to set back the Iranian program, creating domestic instability and buying time–both prerequisites for a popular revolt against the ayatollahs’ regime.

Yes, Israel’s argument for a military strike would be precisely as you put it: "that we can be trusted with the bomb but the Iranians can’t, because they’re crazy." Israel’s nuclear arsenal has been the Middle East’s worst kept secret for decades; yet it hasn’t provoked an Arab nuclear arms race–unlike the Iranian nuclear program. The reason is that the Arab world knew that we wouldn’t use the bomb unless we ourselves faced imminent destruction. The Sunnis appear to be no less "paranoid" about a nuclear Iran than the Jews….

Should we believe Iran’s words or deeds? – A debate in ‘The New Republic"


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