The Path Towards War With Iran ( By Jeremy R. Hammond in ICH)

This month saw yet another escalation of the U.S. policy of isolating and pressuring Iran as the White House announced its intention to add Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. There is something to be learned from this about the nature of U.S. foreign policy if we care to examine the implications; and the ramifications of such a decision could be quite serious and potentially deadly, so it warrants a look… The Path Towards War With Iran ( By Jeremy R. Hammond in ICH)______ Fox TV Attacks : Iran (video die weergeeft hoe de neo-con FOX TV dezelfde valse ophitsende gumenten geeft als voor de aanval op Irak)_______America’s increasingly emphatic allegations of meddling in Iraq raise the potential for direct confrontation with Iran._____A surge in accusations (Simon Tisdall in Guardian)


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