'Impeach the Bastards' (Dave Lindorff in Counterpunch)

More than anyone else, including his mentor and departed co-conspirator, Donald Rumsfeld, Cheney has been the intellectual author and bureaucratic facilitator of the crimes and misdemeanors that have inflicted unprecedented disgrace on our country’s moral and political standing.. and, of course, the bloody, nightmarish Iraq war itself, launched under false pretenses, conducted with stupefying incompetence, and escalated long after public support for it had evaporated, at the cost of scores of thousands of lives, nearly half a trillion dollars, and the crippling of America’s armed forces, which no longer overawe and will take years to rebuild… A few weeks ago, on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, the Vice-President issued threats of war with Iran. A “senior American diplomat” told the Times that Cheney’s speech had not been circulated broadly in the government before it was delivered, adding, “He kind of runs by his own rules.” But, too often, his rules rule. The awful climax of “Cheney/Bush” may be yet to come. Cheney – The Darksider (Hendrik Herzberg in The New Yorker) The latest poll by American Research Group, showing that 54 percent of Americans favor impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney, and that 46 percent favor impeaching President Bush, is encouraging news for impeachment advocates. Despite a corporate media blackout on impeachment that means almost nobody in the country knows that there is already a Cheney impeachment bill in the House with 14 co-sponsors (HR 333), over half the country nonetheless wants Cheney to get the boot… Impeach the Bastards (Dave Lindorff in Counterpunch)


6 thoughts on “'Impeach the Bastards' (Dave Lindorff in Counterpunch)

  1. VS presidenten worden alleen maar over flutzaken geimpeacht.
    Monica en een inbraakje.
    Over hoofdzaken gebeurde dat nooit, Wilson en Roosevelt gaan nog steeds door voor helden.
    Ik kan me dan ook niet voorstellen dat er zonder revolutie, en die zie ik niet zitten, of een financiële inéénstorting (heel goed mogelijk) iets fundamenteels verandert in de VS moneycracy.
    En dan is het nog maar de vraag of een wereld zonder VS een veel betere zal zijn; Bavendamm waarschuwde daarvoor (of beter gezegd daartegen) al lang geleden:
    Dirk Bavendamm, ‘Roosevelt’s Krieg 1937-45, und das Rätsel von Pearl Harbor’, München, 1993

  2. Het westen wordt een spiegel voorgehouden:
    got back yesterday and this interesting article was in today’s Bangkok Post. You will not agree with all of it. But it is how much of the world sees what America is doing, especially the Arab and Islam World. Try to plough it.
    …. – wearing tinted glasses?
    Holding a mirror to the West
    The future will be defined by an emerging East that is not afraid to
    hold the traditional powers accountable for their own policy failures
    and disasters
    Two watershed events were marked virtually back-to-back over the last
    fortnight. The 10th anniversary of the 1997 Asian economic crisis and
    the half-way mark of the 15-year Millennium Development Goals campaign
    both provided an opportunity to take stock of the past and take a
    fresh look at the future.
    Looking back to the economic crisis of June 1997, I recalled the
    language that reverberated throughout Asia as we licked our wounds.
    According to our accusers, we Asians couldn’t do anything right. Our
    values were all wrong. Our systems were riddled with cronyism,
    corruption and nepotism. We needed to reform, restructure and
    re-engineer. We needed transparency, democracy and accountability.
    Remember those buzzwords and slogans? I do, and I will never forget,
    because they were insulting and offensive, placing all the blame on
    A lot of time, money and resources then went into fixing the mess in
    line with the advice of sage institutions like the International
    Monetary Fund, legions of consultants and financial experts.
    Although a lot was done, a lot still needs to be done. But before
    doing anything further, it is now our turn to demand the same
    transparency and accountability from those who were badgering us. Asia
    must shake off its inferiority complex and make the West accountable
    for its own policy failures and disasters.
    Indeed, it is in West’s own best interests to hold itself accountable
    to its lofty standards, because the East is getting sick of the West’s
    double standards. Refusing to recognise that basic truth will only buy
    just a little bit more time before a brewing backlash takes on a life
    of its own.
    Note, for example, that after the 1997 crisis, currency speculators
    like George Soros, the hedge funds and their backers in the US
    Treasury, as well as the IMF and the World Bank, were never held
    accountable to come clean about their role in triggering the crisis.
    In various economic forums like the World Trade Organisation,
    developing countries always come under more pressure to open markets
    and promote investment and free trade than the other way around.
    After the Iraq invasion, its primary architects and planners like Paul
    Wolfowitz and the Jewish neocons were never held accountable for
    perpetuating the Lie of the Century and the massive deaths and
    casualties the conflict has caused.
    Nor do Western countries ever hold themselves accountable for the
    biased policies that see the Middle East conflict drag on from year to
    year, the worst of the global geopolitical cancers and a huge waste of
    financial and human resources that could have been far better expended
    The mid-point of the MDGs was an opportunity to analyse these ongoing
    imbalances and relate them to the goals themselves, which were
    proclaimed at a grand UN summit in 2000, to be attained by 2015.
    The primary MDG is poverty alleviation. Much progress has been made,
    especially in India and China, thanks to economic development policies
    pursued by both countries in a gradual, measured way.
    But the UN says that while Asia is back on track, regions like Africa
    are lagging way behind, and the global gap between the haves and
    have-nots is widening, both within and amongst countries.
    As peace is a primary requisite for poverty alleviation, I asked Ms
    Erna Witoelar, the UN Special Ambassador for the MDGs in the
    Asia-Pacific, at the press conference last week whether the MDG
    scorecard would have been better if the US and other developed
    countries had not wasted billions of dollars on the Iraq war, and
    whether the chances of attaining the goals by 2015 are higher if they
    refrain from widening the Middle East conflict by attacking Iran.
    Her reply: "My answer to both questions is Yes and Yes."
    So with exactly 7.5 years to go before the MDG target year, and other
    factors like global warming taking on added importance, the West still
    has time to realise that it is not entirely blameless and that it will
    not be possible to fool all the people all the time.
    Indeed, time is not on the West’s side. In the new emerging world
    order, the West is rapidly ageing and is desperately seeking to
    salvage its fading youth.
    It knows that most of the world’s young people – the consumers,
    entrepreneurs and thinkers of the future – are in China, India and the
    Middle East, and that influencing the way these young people think is
    critical, be it through the media or through education systems.
    The good news is that the young of the East are questioning the
    policies and processes of the West to find out for themselves whether
    simply replicating the worst of the West without tapping into the best
    of the East is really in their long-term interests.
    Thankfully, today’s young people are better travelled, better educated
    and much better informed than the present generation of baby-boomers
    were during their younger days.
    It does not take much for them to grasp the hypocrisy of the Bush
    administration, when the President commutes the sentence of "Scooter"
    Libby following his conviction for lying and obstruction of justice –
    a message that "cronyism, corruption and nepotism" are all just as
    alive in the US, just as in Asia, Africa, Latin America or any other
    part of the world.
    On 4th July 2007, the US Independence Day, it was hugely encouraging
    to attend a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of
    Thailand on the Thai government’s plan to make patented drugs
    available at more affordable prices to the poor – very much in line
    with the MDGs – and see a crowd of young activists, both Thais and
    expatriates, hailing Health Minister Mongkol na Songkhla as a "hero",
    in spite of his being part of a government brought to power by a
    military coup.
    It was even more interesting to see Dr Mongkol rue the "pressure" from
    multinational companies and governments of developed countries to
    protect the profit interests of the pharmaceutical giants. It was
    shocking to see him declining to openly identify which countries were
    seeking the help of Thailand to pursue a similar cause because of the
    backlash they might suffer.
    This at a time when Western governments and their behemoth
    corporations are preaching to the East about the benefits of openness,
    transparency, democracy and accountability!
    The second half of the MDG era will be dominated by the story of how
    the West reacts to the rise of the East and the extent to which
    Western governments and societies reform, restructure and re-engineer
    their own policies to accommodate an irreversible turning of the
    How will they react when the accusers become the accused and are held
    accountable for no longer practising what they preach, in a betrayal
    of their own democratic and libertarian values?
    In turn, how far will the peoples of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and
    Latin America allow ourselves to be continually insulted and
    manipulated before revolting (like Mahatma Gandhi and many other
    revolutionaries did) against the techniques and tools being used to
    assert the same control over our financial, natural and human
    resources as was done in the previous centuries?
    The second half of the MDG era is set to prove even more interesting
    and challenging than the first.

  3. Ik begrijp nog altijd niet goed wat CHENEY er toe bewogen heeft om samen met conservatieve Iran-georienteerde partijen (Dawa en de Khomeinistische SCIRI) de seculiere staat Irak om te vormen tot een Islamitische staat.
    Het is dat Islamitische Messianisme dat geleid heeft tot de chaotisering van Irak. Vernietiging van het seculiere Baathisme was voor de Islamisten de eerste doelstelling. Daarom werd de voltallige Irakese politiemacht (dus ook het leger) ontbonden en van zijn bestuursapparaat ontdaan.
    Het zal wel een ordinaire deal zijn geweest. Enerzijds principieel zijn – chaos boven pragmatisme plaatsen – anderzijds kiezen voor opportunisme en handjeklap.
    In een democratie zouden politici verplicht moeten worden hun motieven toe te lichten en te verklaren. Hier zien we een situatie waarin we als een stel onmondige kinderen maar een beetje zitten te raden en te gissen.
    Alleen al daarom zou ik voor ‘impeachment’ stemmem, gewoon omdat daar een proces aan wordt verbonden dat de vragensteller boven de doofpotideoloog plaatst.

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