Can the Israeli Air Force take out Iran's nukes? (Daniel Pipes in Jerusalem Post)

Barring a "catastrophic development," reports Middle East Newsline, George W. Bush has decided not to attack Iran. An administration source explains that Washington deems Iran’s cooperation "needed for a withdrawal [of US forces] from Iraq." ___________________________________________________________________________ If correct, this implies that the Jewish state stands alone against a regime that threatens to "wipe Israel off the map" and is building the nuclear weapons to do so. Israeli leaders are hinting that their patience is running out; Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz just warned that "diplomatic efforts should bear results by the end of 2007." ___________________________________________________________________________ Can the Israel Defense Forces in fact disrupt Iran’s nuclear program?.. ___________________________________________________________________________ That Israeli forces have "a reasonable chance of success" to unilaterally destroy key Iranian nuclear facilities could help deter Teheran from proceeding with its weapon program. The Raas-Long study, therefore, makes a diplomatic deal more likely. Its results deserve the widest possible dissemination. ____________________________________________________________________________ The writer, director of the Middle East Forum, taught for two years at the US Naval War College. ____________________________________________________________________________ Can the Israeli Air Force take out Iran’s nukes? (Daniel Pipes in Jerusalem Post) —————————————————————- Daniel Pipes is een Amerikaanse joodse zionist. —————————————————————- website —————————————————————– Hij is Directeur van ‘The Middle East Forum’, een invloedrijke Amerikaanse denktank behorende tot de (pro-Groot)Israel lobby. —————————————————————– About The Middle East Forum.


One thought on “Can the Israeli Air Force take out Iran's nukes? (Daniel Pipes in Jerusalem Post)

  1. Pipes is de man van de totale overwinning die elk compromis als onmogelijk ervaart. George W. Bush droeg hem in het oorlogsjaar 2003 voor als directeur van een Amerikaans vredesinstituut, een belachelijke daad natuurlijk, gezien de volgende uitspraak:Daniel Pipes: "I think there is no substitute for victory. The only way there can be closure is through victory, either Israeli or Arab."
    Olmert, Barak en Peres zijn haviken die Pipes mening delen.

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