The fall of Gaza and the rise of Palestine (Gershon Baskin for IPCRI)

The fall of Gaza to Hamas has thrown the Palestinian people into its worst crisis since 1967. With every crisis there are usually new opportunities and those must be investigated and pursued, if possible. Gaza is lost, for the time being and there is little that the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah can do to immediately change the course of events. The present focus must now be on the West Bank and on saving the Palestinian people from additional unnecessary disasters and nightmares. There is now an opportunity to contrast the horrors of Gaza with a new reality in the West Bank that could serve as an example and focal point for positive Palestinian energies. The Palestinian leadership in Ramallah should detach itself from Gaza (for the time being). If, at the same time, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank and East Jerusalem would issue the following ten-point plan, a new future of promise and hope could be turned into a reality that would be the best possible way to serve the interests of the Palestinian people. The following is the proposed ten point plan:.. ____________________________________________________________________________ * Gershon Baskin is the Israeli Co-CEO of IPCRI – the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information. NB DUIDELIJK PRO-FATAH EN ANTI-HAMAS _____________________________________________________________________________ The fall of Gaza and the rise of Palestine (Gershon Baskin for IPCRI) —————————————————————— IPCRI, founded in Jerusalem in 1988, is the only joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank in the world.It is devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. IPCRI deals with the cardinal issues in the Israeli-Arab conflict – issues where the two sides find themselves at loggerheads, and where cooperation is necessary. We concern ourselves with all the major stumbling blocks that divide Israelis and Palestinians: ..


2 thoughts on “The fall of Gaza and the rise of Palestine (Gershon Baskin for IPCRI)

  1. Arafat werd vermoord om plaats te maken voor de Israelisch/Amerikaanse marionet Abbas.
    Het Palestijnse volk is niet gek, en stemde dus op Hamas.
    De demokratische landen Israel en de VS stond dat niet aan, evenmin de demokratische EU.
    En zo ging alle geld dus richting Abbas.
    ‘Wie het geld heeft heeft de macht’, schijnt een joods idee te zijn.
    Hamas ging dus elders geld verzamelen, en is nu aan de macht in de Gaza strook.
    Fatah is nog voor spek en bonen aan de macht, in de door Israel sinds 1976 bezette West Bank.
    Hoe demokratisch joden zijn bleek vanmorgen, zowel BFM als Sky News meldden dat de jood Sarkozy is begonnen met de joodse marionet en oorlogsmisdadiger Blair te pushen als eerste full time Europese president.
    De ‘grondwet’ die een EU president instelt is er nog niet, maar dat deert Sarkozy niet.
    De vrije wereld bestaat nog uit Iran, de Sovjet Federatie en Venezuela.

  2. The best hope must be that Hamas, now it has the upper hand, belies its past to sort out the rival militias and establish an effective civil authority. From a position of strength, it might then be able to temper its position on Israel. But outside support, humanitarian and economic, will be essential. The turmoil in Gaza is a lesson to the US, the EU and everyone else that they must be prepared to deal with the world as it is, rather than as they would like it to be. If nothing else, the week’s events in Gaza have injected what remains of the peace process with a salutary dose of reality. what will we do? Support the reoccupation of Gaza perhaps? Certainly we will not criticise Israel. And we shall go on giving our affection to the kings and princes and unlovely presidents of the Middle East until the whole place blows up in our faces and then we shall say – as we are already saying of the Iraqis – that they don’t deserve our sacrifice and our love.
    How do we deal with a coup d’état by an elected government?

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