IAEA head: Attack on Iran over nuke program would be 'madness' (Jerusalem Post)

"Even if Iran wants to have a weapon they are three to eight years away," giving ample time for both sides to move from confrontation, ElBaradei said, citing unnamed intelligence sources for his estimate. But, "the longer we delay, the less option we have to reach a peaceful solution," he added… ___________________________________________________________________________ The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency cautioned Thursday an attack on Iran over its refusal to freeze programs that could make nuclear weapons would be "an act of madness," in indirect warnings to the United States and Israel. ____________________________________________________________________________ IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei also said Iran could be running close to 3,000 uranium-enriching centrifuges by the end of next month – a number agency officials have described as the point of no return in the start of a large-scale program. __________________________________________________________________________ ElBaradei spoke at the end of a meeting of his agency’s 35-nation board, a gathering that focused on Iran’s refusal to heed UN Security Council demands that it freeze activities that could serve to make nuclear arms and provide long-sought answers on suspicious aspects of its nuclear program. ___________________________________________________________________________ He also urged Iran to offer a "self-imposed moratorium" on enrichment, describing it as a "good confidence-building measure" that could launch negotiations on the standoff But the chief Iranian envoy to the meeting asserted his country would never suspend enrichment – the key issue of Security Council concern. ___________________________________________________________________________ Even while calling for a negotiated solution, both the United States and Israel – which has been threatened with extermination by Teheran – have refused to dismiss outright the possibility that they might target Iran militarily if it refuses to back down on enrichment and other areas of concern. ___________________________________________________________________________ But ElBaradei described any use of force as "an act of madness … (that) would not resolve the issue.".. ___________________________________________________________________________ IAEA head: Attack on Iran over nuke program would be ‘madness’ (Jerusalem Post)


One thought on “IAEA head: Attack on Iran over nuke program would be 'madness' (Jerusalem Post)

  1. De door alle zionisten verdedigde aanval op Irak (met name de nieuw gekozen leider van de Arbeiderspartij EHUD BARAK was een enthousiast pleitbezorger, nog fanatieker dan Netanyahu) werd in het verleden ook waanzin genoemd door mensen die niet in Zion zijn. Nog altijd zijn fanatici bezig die nuchtere mensen onderuit te halen en hun naam te bezoedelen.
    Het is allemaal zo dubbel. Als je waanzin echt verafschuwt dan moet je pragmatici naar voren schuiven. Maar welke zionist is pragmatisch wanneer ‘het voortbestaan van de joodse staat’ in het geding is?
    BARAK heeft al aangekondigd dat hij als nieuwe linkse leider de kracht en de macht van Israel oneindig groot zal maken. Dat is een boodschap die niet de bedoeling heeft pragmatische geesten een hart onder de riem te steken..

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