Playing With Fire in Afghanistan's North – by Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi for IWPR

The idea that northern Afghanistan is a safe and sleepy place is fast becoming a thing of the past. The spreading Taleban presence, a thriving trade in illicit arms, and now violent political manoeuvring are turning formerly calm provinces into increasingly volatile areas that could soon pose a serious threat to the Kabul government. Most recently, the capital of Jowzjan province, Shiberghan, was the scene of a massive protests that spilled over into violence, leaving at least ten people dead and 40 injured. Thousands of supporters of General Abdul Rashid Dostum rioted on May 28 in Shiberghan. They were demanding the removal of Jowzjan’s governor, Juma Khan Hamdard, whom they accused of incompetence and ethnic prejudice. Hamdard is an ethnic Pashtun, in a province dominated by Uzbeks loyal to Dostum. Protesters poured into the streets and then attacked the governor’s residence. The local authorities claim that some of the demonstrators were armed and fired shots at police. The police opened fire, killing and wounding dozens. The provincial authorities declared a state of emergency, closing schools, shops and government offices. They also imposed a curfew… The situation in Shiberghan highlights the fact that Karzai now has two opposition fronts to contend with – the Taleban and the “jihadi” parties… Playing With Fire in Afghanistan’s North – by Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi for IWPR


One thought on “Playing With Fire in Afghanistan's North – by Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi for IWPR

  1. Vrij toevallig lees ik over de Franse oorlog tegen Ho Chi Min vlak na 1945.
    Ik wist niet dat de vrijheidsstrijd van de Vietnamezen tegen koloniale bezetters al in 1940, geen fout, 1940, begon.
    Het is begrijpelijk dat die strijd in 1940 begon, toen capituleerde Frankrijk na een paar weken oorlog, een oorlog die Frankrijk zelf had verklaard, in september 1939.
    Nadat de Fransen waren verslagen nam de VS het over, in 1968, als ik het wel heb, droop de VS af.
    De vrijheidsstrijd had toen 28 jaar geduurd.
    Er is dus nog hoop voor Palestijnen, Irakezen en Afghanen.
    Algerije bevrijdde zich na een 130 jaar; Iran na 26 (1979 – 1953).

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